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We are sure your children will love to know the history of everything that makes Christmas so special. The popular Christmas tune Jingle Bells was composed by a man named James Lord Pierpont in.

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4 You can thank Prince Albert for your Christmas tree.

Christmas fun facts for kids. The time to send Christmas greeting cards sing carols gorge on cakes and other delightful delicacies time to make merry with friends and family to enjoy wait for Santa and get loads of gifts. Christmas is an annual Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Oklahoma was the last US.

Oklahoma was the last state to do so. Every year Christmas is celebrated in more than 160 countries throughout the world. Alabama was the first state to recognize Christmas has a holiday.

Learn some fun Christmas facts for kids. Christmas is not Christs birthday as many believe. Hes the Catalan version of Santa Claus and even has a smiley face and red hat.

Fun Facts for Kids About Christmas Christmas Fact 1. Brew a cup o tea when trimming your tree this year to pay homage to its origins. Here are fun Christmas facts that will impress your friends and family.

Thats why during the Christmas season almost 28 Lego sets are sold each and every second according to National Geographic Kids. According to the bible Christ was actually not even born in the winter. During Christmas kids and adults go door to door singing carols.

Green symbolizes life and rebirth red- the blood of Christ and gold- light and wealth. Fun Sock PuppetCLICK TO SUBSCRIBE. Fun Facts About Christmas For Kids If youre looking for a fun Christmas fact youve come to the right place here are 4 of the best Christmas facts for kids around.

In the United States 25 to 30 million Christmas trees are sold every year. The festive tradition of the Christmas tree dates back thousands of years to the Romans and Ancient Egyptians. It is believed that the three kings took 12 days to reach Jesus Christs birth place and that is why we say 12 days of Christmas Fun facts about Christmas Carols.

If you add up all the gifts given in the song the Twelve Days of Christmas there are 364 total gifts. 21 The smallest Christmas card in the world was created by Scientists at the University of Glasgow and it is invisible to the human eye it is so small that it can fit onto a regular-sized Christmas card around half a million times. Its Christmas time again.

When Prince Albert of Germany. So many facts are associated with this wonderful season. Some Christmas traditions include having a Christmas tree sending Christmas cards baking holiday cookies buying presents for loved ones hanging stockings decorating your home with Christmas lights kissing under the mistletoe singing Christmas carols celebrating Christmas day with loved ones.

Interesting Facts About Christmas Christmas Fun Facts Fun Facts About Christmas For Kids. The tradition of the Christmas tree comes from the country of Germany. Tell these jolly good Christmas facts to your kids.

Christmas used to be illegal. Turn these fun facts for kids into a learning game and challenge the kids to search for their own amazing facts. Christmas stocking In North America children put stockings at night to receive Christmas gifts from Santa who is believed to throw them from the chimney while the Dutch put shoes.

There are more than 1000 kinds of bats in the world. Christmas Facts for Kids. For most people it takes place every year on 25 December the day that the Roman Catholic Church chose to mark Jesus birthday.

The songs sung during Christmas are called Christmas Carols. There are 364 gifts in the popular holiday carol The Twelve Days of Christmas Fun fact 12. On Christmas Caga Tio uh poops out gifts for everyone.

Every 9 out of 10 Americans celebrate Christmas. Facts about Christmas Cards and Christmas Post In 1843 the first Christmas card was created on the instructions of an Englishman Sir Henry Cole. Although Santa Claus delivers all Christmas gifts for children.

Here are some fun facts about Christmas for kids that you can share. 7 FUN FACTS ABOUT CHRISTMAS. 12 days of Christmas.

Christmas colors- Red green and gold are the traditional colors of Christmas. Christmas is primarily a Christian holiday marking the birth of Jesus Christ. Origins of Christmas Day.

More than 400000 illnesses are caused by spoilt Christmas leftovers. Fun Facts About Christmas Day. Horsley designed the card and sold 1000 copies in.

The Christmas trees are also known as Yule trees. Kids in Barcelona have a wooden log named Caga Tio and from December 8 until Christmas Eve they cover him with a blanket and feed him nougat. MAJOR REASON OF CELEBRATION.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. It was the Statue of Liberty and they gave it to the United States of America. The French have one too a smaller one in Paris Fun fact 13.

The trees used as Christmas trees are usually a fir. The Christmas fact that may surprise you the most is that there is no historical data that links December 25 to the day Jesus Christ was born. The 25th day of December was chosen to mark His birthday by the Roman Catholic Church years after His death and this occasion is actually celebrated by people all over the world.

State to declare Christmas a legal Holiday in 1907. The French gave the biggest Christmas present ever in 1886. You will discover some surprising facts.

Facts about Christmas 1 Christmas is a Christian festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ who Christians believe was the son of God.

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